IPHONE 005First and most importantly. I am a human being result of my assertive and learning decisions I have made throughout my life. I am the loving husband of my soul mate and wife Katia, father of 3 beautiful kids, Mariana, Alejandro and Itzel. I am a passionate cook, note that I refer to myself as a “cook” because that is my career. Sure I hold a “title” of executive chef, but this is merely a position; a job description with duties and responsibilities that I fulfill professionally for the smooth operation of my kitchens. The reason I have chosen this path and career is because I love to cook, I am passionate about it and my goal is to make people happy through my creations. Cooking is the reflection of your inner you, it’s an art, it’s how I reflect myself and express my mind and soul through food. I am always evolving and learning, I am in love with fresh ingredients, I treasure traditions and foremost I respect food. Throughout many years of professional experience I have done my share by sweating and crying as I worked long hours as an apprentice growing in the always demanding kitchen brigade to become what I am now and what it defines my cuisine… simple yet elegant, respectful yet daring, consistent yet creative!